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We do! It’s been a bit hard we are all really busy, one of us living in the UK and the other two of us are in summer holidays and going back to uni

Me dancing to Little White LiesĀ 

1 Melbourne Oct 3rd Thursday 7:30 Concert Section A Row A for sale $600, message if interested

1:...get high with Zayn, or drunk with Niall?
2:...get a tattoo every time Zayn does - it doesn't matter what you get, just something - or get one tattoo that is identical to his in the same place?
3:...actually date one of the boys, or beard for your OTP? a really graphic fanfiction, all the while pretending you wrote it, out loud to your parents or the boys? the boys everything on your blog, or have Harry start straightening his hair?
6:...ban Liam from wearing shirts or Louis from wearing tight pants? and shoot any type of photoshoot you want, or direct and shoot their next music video?
8:...have a one night stand with Harry, or a proper dinner-and-movie date with Niall? serenaded by Zayn or have Liam write you a love letter? Liam and be known as a homewrecker (for breaking Team Payzer up, even though you didn't), or date Louis normally but when you break up he writes a hurtful (read: sassy) song about you for their next album and have everyone know it's about you?
11:...have Harry do one of his infamous lyric changes to anything you want, or be tweeted by Liam?
12:...get sassily called out by Louis via DM, or have Niall make vague, passive aggressive tweets about you?
13:...have Zayn give you a hair tutorial or Louis give you a make-up tutorial? all the boys' friend (nothing more) or date one of them?
15:...break one of the boys' hearts to the point where the band takes a year's hiatus, or live happily ever after with him but the band splits for good? able to read Harry's mind when he stares at Louis, or Louis' when he stares at Eleanor?
17:...have a movie marathon with Liam or go planking with Niall?
18:...have all of the boys thrown into the Hunger Games and whoever lives dates you, or be thrown into the HG yourself, with 75 other Directioners, and the last five get to date a boy each?
19:...know the full meaning behind Harry's gay new tattoo, or his old gay one?
20:...spank Lou or run your hand through Zayn's quiff?
21:...streak through Times Square with Harry, or do Niall's version of the worm at the Presidential Inauguration? Zayn - and no matter what it comes out like, he HAS to keep it - or push Harry down a flight of stairs and never get the chance to explain yourself?
23:...walk/run like Louis, or dance like Harry during X Factor? like Billy Mays, or sing like Liam during his 2010 audition?
25:...give Harry a haircut like Skrillex, or dump glue over Niall's hair immediately followed by feathers? a twitcam with Liam, or guest star in the next episode of The Adventurous Adventures of One Direction? Megamind and ask your own questions, or have there be an old video diary on the stairs, but you can't get involved?
28:...have Niall teach you guitar, or Josh teach you drums? the cinnamon challenge in front of the boys, winning a date with one of them if you succeed, or get to watch them do it? the boys on Silent Library, or watch them on Wipeout?
31:...attend the wedding of your OTP, or get a copy of their sex tape?
32:...accidentally sneeze all over Zayn at a meet 'n' greet, or get yelled at by security in front of them? Truth or Dare with the boys, and answer all truths, or do all dares?
34:...pull a name from a hat to see which member has to shave their head, or pick which one?
35:...go mini golfing with Louis or to the pool with Liam?
36:...have a nerf gun battle with the boys, or go with them to LaserQuest?
37:...ask one boy any ten questions you want, or ask each boy one question (and everyone has to answer truthfully in either case)?
38:...have Larry break up, or the band? the boys all of your texts and messages, or have them listen in to your and your friends talking about them?